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Global Fishing - Creator of the Navigator and Navigator-Mini

GlobalFishing B.V. is a company based in the Netherlands, and its main objective is the production and distribution of the bait boats named 'The Navigator' and 'The Navigator-Mini'. The production and sales are led by GlobalFishing, who are responsible for the design of the Navigator and the Navigator-Mini. In addition to our line of bait boats, we offer various accessories, such as separate components and fish finders.

We cooperate with various partners for the production of our bait boats. The unique thing about our bait boats is that the entire development and production takes place in the Netherlands and that only the very best parts that are available on the current world market, are used. GlobalFishing has years of experience with the operation of bait boats and is very happy with the fact that they have been able to turn this practical experience into the Navigator & Navigator-Mini, of which more than 4,500 have already been sold.

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The market for bait boats is still in motion. With the Navigator and the Navigator-Mini, Global Fishing offers a unique, high quality and sustainable range of bait boats with an attractive design. Would you like to stay informed of the latest developments? Befriend us on Facebook and stay informed about the latest developments.

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€ 1.399,00

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What are the differences between the both baitboats?

  Navigator-Mini Navigator
Base price € 999,- € 1.399,-
Battery 11,1 volt 11 Ah Lithium, 5 km / 3 mi range 11,1 volt 18 Ah Lithium, 7.5 km / 5 mi range
Hand transmitter 2.4 GHz 6-channel 2.4 GHz 6-channel, fully digital
Hook release No Yes
Product warranty 3 years 3 years
Echo sounder option Yes Yes
GPS system option Yes Yes
Stainless steel switches Yes, 1 switch Yes, 2 switches
Spotlight No, is optional Yes
Controllable lighting No, is optional Yes
Length 500 mm 680 mm
Width 400 mm 480 mm
Height 230 mm 290 mm


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3763 LX Soest

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+31 (0) 35 7632849

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