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Create your own Maverick or Navigator bait boat

Create your own Maverick or Navigator bait boat in a spectacular way! The quality of our Maverick and Navigator bait boats is known everywhere, but to emphasize once again that you have a unique handmade product, we are now providing a H2O foil dip.

What is H2O foil dipping?

Foil dipping is an established name in the market when it comes to foil printing, also known by the name water transfer printing. The perfectionistic method of H2O Foil Dip fits seamlessly with the philosophy of Global Fishing. We offer only the best for your bait boat. With the choice of more than 2,000 prints you can give your bait boat its own unique look. In addition, a foil dip also works as an extra protection for your valuable property. Convince yourself at

Foil dip top cover Maverick/Navigator Print matt 249,-
  Print high gloss 299,-
Foil dip hull Maverick/Navigator Print matt 349,-
  Print high gloss 399,-

All prices include VAT

In addition to a Foil dip, you can also opt for traditional spraying! Global Fishing also cooperates exclusively with specialists in this field, where "craftsmanship" is of paramount importance. Various options are available. You can choose between a uni-lacquer finish, a metal lacquer or a pearl effect finish. In terms of colours the choices are almost infinite; with two-tone or other colour combinations we advise you to formulate this as clearly as possible, to avoid disappointments afterwards.

Sprayed top cover Maverick/Navigator Uni paintwork to your choice 169,-
  Metaallak/Pareleffect kleur naar keuze 179,-
Sprayed hull Maverick/Navigator Uni paintwork to your choice 199,-
  Metallic paint or pearl effect to your choic 209,-

All prices include VAT

The advantages of foil dipping

  • No cutting edges
  • Heat resistant
  • Seamless transfer of print totally covered
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Realistic look
  • Complex forms are usually not a problem
  • Applicable to basically any material
  • No "after-market" look
  • Colourfast
  • No shrinkage effect
  • Choose from more than 2,000 print
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